So .......we attempted to replace the clutch on my daughters fiat Punto year 2000. It is apparently a 6 hour job for 2 men

It is definitely a 2 man job and it took us 22 hours over 4 days but we are novice

So here is a summary of the key issues we experienced. Hope this is useful to others

1) the bolts on the passenger side wheel strut have to be removed and they are a swine! Cost us 4.5 hours. Tip. Use loads of plus gas days in advance. Don't touch the bolt as the head is extremely shallow and will "round". The nut will be seized ....without doubt. Ours failed and took every possibly tool to drill, hammer and cutter to get the thing off. Anyway, finally removed and then v expensive to replace.

2) make sure you use a clutch alignment tool. We did and £10 well spent

3) once you have finally replaced the clutch, you need to return the gearbox/bell housing. OMG. Cost us 7 hours. Trying to direct a half ton cast iron fiddly object with no room to work and trying to carefully line up the drive shaft, spindle, nuts and bolts. We eventually manufactured an engine lift to help take the strain and direct the bell housing. Finally succeeded

4) tomorrow is our 4th day and hopefully all the bad news is behind us

Hope this is of use