First, we're going to need to flip down the seats (not the seat backs, the bit you put your arse on!) in the back of the car.

I'm going to be walking you through removing the panel on the left side of the car. If you want to follow it step-by-step, then start on the left!


Now you want to reach into the corner closest to the wheel and get your fingers under it, then pull as hard as you can. It won't snap, but take your time with it - this one will be one of the hardest to get out! Pull it until it pops out of place.


Move your hand towards the front of the car (if you're doing the left panel then you'll move your hand right, if not then you'll move it left :p) and when you reach the bottom-frontmost corner of the panel, pull again.


Now you want to flip the seat backs down so we can get to the rest of the panel. This may push in the bottom of the panel slightly but don't worry about it.


Reach just above the wheel, get your fingers under and pull it loose at that point.


Now at the top corner above the wheel, reach under again and give it a pull. This one is particularly tough to loosen so don't be afraid to give it some strength!


Get your fingers under the panel at the top in the centre and pull it loose.


Now put the seat back up and give it a wiggle and you should be able to get it loose!


The side with the petrol cap on will have on less point in it due to the petrol cap being there!


If you have any questions (I don't think you will) then don't hesitate to ask :)