You will need:

A Torx T25 Driver;​
A Socket wrench with the hex adaptor and Torx T25 bit

Carb Cleaner Spray;

An old toothbrush;

and A rag or old t-shirt.

  1. Remove the air filter box to expose the throttle body
  2. Disconnect the Negative terminal of the battery


3.Unplug the 2 connectors on the left side of the Throttle Body. Make sure to unclip them before pulling (or unclip whilst pulling). The top one can easily be pulled by hand out towards you.
The second I gently pulled with pliers.


4. Undo the two bolts holding the ECU to the Throttle body. You can lift it up and push it back a little.
You should also remove the ECU earthing cable. I couldn't unbolt mine however meaning I had to clean in situ.


5. Release the inner accelerator cable from the Throttle Cam. You need to push the cam forward to slacken the cable, then bring the cable through the gap, then wiggle the end bit out.
Then pull the outer cable from the rubber grommet then the inner cable through it
6. Undo the Three bolts holding the Throttle Body onto the Inlet Manifold.


7. Lift out the throttle body to clean. I used an old t-shirt to stop carb cleaner getting everywhere. Give a good spray and scrub with a toothbrush or rag (I found that the toothbrush made it much easier).


8. Once you're happy with the result, dry it out and refit making sure the mating surfaces of the Inlet Manifold and Throttle Body are clean and dry. You may want to fit a new O-ring, I left mine because it looked ok.

Work backwords to refit

When you have put the Accelerator Cable back in the Throttle Cam get someone to press the Accelarator pedal whilst you watch to make sure that the Throttle Body opens and closes smoothly

Just done this to mine and it fixed my pulsing idle.
Hope this helps some people (y)