Ok now I did this the hard way, as there was no guide I knew of, hence why it's taken me 2days.

Tools Required
Trolley Jack
Axle Stands
Rear Bumper (well it might help)
8mm Socket
17mm Socket
Small extension
Phillips Screwdriver
Torque Key T30
Allen Key 5
Torch or work light
Crowbar or simmilar
Small blocks of wood (for choking the front wheels)
Locking wheel nut key if you have Alloys
Drill for the number plate screws on the new bumper
4mm Drill peice

1)Lock the car in Gear & fully apply the Handbrake
2)Place 1 block of wood infront of 1 wheel & the other block behind the other wheel
3)Slacken off the wheel bolts/ nuts if you have Steel wheels
4)Jack the car up on the chasiss
5)Place an Axle Stand on the chasiss next to the Jack
6)Remove the rear wheels, to give you better acsess to the Foglight & Reverse Light
7)Open the boot & remove the rubber seel around the bottom
8)You will see 2 bolts 1 in either corner above the bumper, you will need a torque Key T30 to remove theese
Slacken the two torque bolts off
9)Now inside the wheelarchs you will see a cut section in the liner, with a troch you will see another Torque Bolt, slacken theese off
10)You will also need to remove 6 Screws (3 per side) from the wheelarch liner
11)Now get under the car & remove the other 2 Torque Bolts from under the Bumper
12)Remove the 2 Screws at the outer edge of the bumper (again 1 either side)
13)Now undo the clip on the Foglight & Reverse light with your pliers
14)Now gently pull the connectors out
15)Now get you 8mm socket & Rachet small extension remove the bolt on the foglight & reverse light
16)Next remove you number plate light's theese come out quite easily, by pushing the clip & gently puling it out
17)Turn the Brown bit anti clockwise gently & remove the bulb from it's holder
18)The bumper is now just sitting, so give it a good tug & it should come loose.
If not get a crowbar or simmilar & again tug it & it *should* come off now.
19)Remove the Towing eye cover
20)With your Phillips remove your number plate from the old bumper
21)You will need to mark out on the new bumper, where the numberplate goes, then drill the holes.
22)For refitting, follow the same instructions, but in reverse

Pics will be added later.
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