When my UK, RHD car was first MOTd, the examiner cracked one of the new, repro headlights I had fitted. He also commented that the beam did not have a very clear flat top cutoff. At that time, out of meanness, I decided to smash out the cracked lense and I glued the glass from one of my original headlights onto the new reflector.....it projected a better beam of light.

Those new headlights are now 14 years old and are scrap. You can get RHD lights, but they are a bit expensive and will still have the poorly cast prism structure on the lense.

Autobella sell some inexpensive, LHD headlights that they say are of a superior quality to those commonly available. Other than being wrong handed, they also lack the little sidelight as featured on UK cars. This is a source of dampness and then corrosion and I am happy to forgo that.

Drawing on my previous experience, I carefully removed the lenses by using a craft knife to scrape and gouge out the sealant that secures them. Fortunately, it is quite soft. With great care, using thick gloves and glasses over my eyes I eventually levered the lenses out, taking care to vacuum away all the bits of sealant and keeping the reflectors inverted.

The original Carello lenses will be inserted on a bed of PU sealant and I will have the satisfaction of saving a little bit of money and having the best possible lighting (sidelights apart ;) and an original appearance to the car.

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