First thing to do is disconnect the battery.

align the wheels and steering wheel to the straight forward position

next, remove the horn push button from the centre of the steering wheel, i used a large flat chisel to protect the steering wheel, and a flat blade screw driver to prize it off - it is clipped at the top and bottom


pull out the springs and put them somewhere safe!

*loosen* the 24mm nut, this will be tight, and mine looked to have been peened slightly to stop it from undoing

pull wheel towards you, so its loose, then remove the nut and wheel, there is a large washer underneath, so don't lose that

look up under the steering shroud, remove this black screw and *loosen* the gold one :


to aid access, remove the 3 screw that hold the right hand plastic triangle bit of the dash to the A pillar, the dash will then be able to drop enough to remove the ignition shroud

there is another screw under the shroud :



i also disconnected the choke cable to give some slack

its to the right of the airbox and has a flat screw/hex head to hold the inner and same for the outer :


pull on the stalks (they all come out as one) and then disconnect the 2 plugs that attach to them and remove

with all that done, you should be able to jiggle the shroud forward and get to the ignition

to remove the barrel you need to insert the key and turn it one click (to the "mark" position) then push on a spring/slot in on the bottom of the barrel and pull the key and ignition out


to quote haynes, refitting is the reverse of removal (y)
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