Driver side Heater Vent
1. To remove the Driver side Heater Vent you must first remove the surrounding panels labelled 1 and 2 in the picture below..


2. To do this open the fusebox draw and undo the 4 screws (Circled) attaching the plastic surround to the dash


3. The panel is all one piece and can gently be pulled away from the dash revealing 3 screws. In the picture below scres 1 and 2 hold the "My Car" panel in place and screw 3 holds the driver side heater vent in place. Undo these screws (remember where they go)


4. Unclip the "My Car" panel and disconnect (Circled) You can then see the 2 remaining screws that hold the heater vent in place, once these are unscrewed the heater vent will come out. When removing be very carefull as they are also clipped into place and these clips may snap if you are to violent. Take your time


If you manage to get that one out move on to the Center Vent

Center Vent and HeadUnit Removal
1. First you need to remove the headunit. To do this you need four thin, but strong pieces of metal which are used to slide into the headunit and release the clips holding it in place, you can buy tools for it or make your own e.g nails, wire coat hangars etc. Theese are ones i made out of straightened keyrings :slayer:

2. So when there ready stick them in the four holes you see on the fascia, you wheel feel resistance then it will slide in and open the clip, Leave all four in that position and evenly leaver the fascia out


3. Once its out you may want to disconnect the aerial and elictrics as circled just squeeze the clips and pull out. Put it aside to prevent it getting damaged.


4. Removing the headunit reveals the 2 screws that are holding the center heater vent in place - 1 and 2. Remove hazard warning light (3) bu prising it out and disconnect. Once 2 screws are undone it just clip out again like the drivers side, but again be careful.


5. If youn want to Re-Spray the CD fascia (like i wanted to) remove this as well by undoing 4 screws holding it to the headunit piece (labelled 1 and 2) the other 2 are in same position but opposite side


6. Once those 4 screws are undone it just comes off and reveals the linking wires from headunit to controll panel. you can disconnect it with a firm pull. if you are thinking of a respray for it then remove the electrics by unscrewing all the screws you can see with a T4 or T5 sized star drive, keep everything in order so you know which way to put it back.

Removing Passenger Side Heater Vent
1. Bit trickier first you need to remove the Upper Glove box lining. To do this there are 5 screws holding it in that need to be undone, 3 on the ceiling of the LOWER glovebox and 2 in the ceiling of the UPPER glovebox as shown in the two pictures below



2. Once the linings out look up at the vent from underneath and you can see a couple of screws holding the vent in place. Didn't get a picture of theese but there easy to find, After that you need to remove the surrounding pannels of the heater vent (Airbag On/Off panel) to do this remove the 2 screws labelled 1 and 2 in the picture of the lower glovebox.


3. MAKE SURE THE IGNITION IS OFF FOR THIS BIT just in case airbag activates. Prise the airbag On/Off key insert out to make it easier to remove the pannel. Once the pannel is removed you can see the last remaining screw holding the passenger heater vent in place labelled 1. the airbag switch thingy is also circled for ya.


4. And like the other vents unclip it but be careful. It will come out evently. You have to kind of wriggle the clips out.

They are much easier to put back in trust me :D

Removing Electric Windows Panel
If your respraying then you might as well do these to as they simply unclip with the use of a flathead screwdriver

Dismantling Heater Vents for Those Wanting Re-Sprays

1. Ok heres the center vent as an example on its own

2. The bit needed to be resprayed is heat sealed on to the main vent, Consider this before you put them back together as you WILL have to re heat seal it back on. Prise it off with flathead screwdriver, The heat sealed part is marked red in the pic below


The same applies for the underside


3. Once off you can see its still connected by the vent controlls for vent on off


4. They can be removed by simply unclipping thm from the circular controlls


5. The air flow directions bars can also be sprayed to match or left to contrast and you can see how its put together in the below pictures
They simply unclip from the vent and the rubber mould. If you take theese apart dont get them mixed up as they fit in a specific way. Keep center vent ones away from side vent ones etc. The black handle labelled 6 can also be unclipped



6. to get the best result spraying remove to black circular controlls by just unclipping from the points shown in the picture from behind, you will then be left with just the plastic to spray (y)

Finished Result
I went for the gloss white option to contrast with the black dash and seats heres some pics of finished result




Thanks for taking time to look and i hope it inspires you to do somthing different and set your car apart fromthe rest :)