Hi Everybody!

Got fed up with the RADIO1 and the other radio stations with the same songs all the time so pulled myself together and made a cable for mp3 player connection to my Marea head unit.
This option only working if you haven`t got CD changer or you don`t wan`t to use it any more because we have to use the blue 8 pin miniISO plug.
Found some options on Ebay, but the Connects2 option is too expensive at the moment, and the 12 pounds cables might not work, I mean that what the sellers been answered back to me...
List of goods needs for the operation:
radio removal tool or a tricky flat screwdriver
5 different color speaker cable abot 15 cm long
soldering iron
sharp knife
8 pin BLUE mini ISO (4 quid from Ebay)
3.5 mm mini jack with about 1.5 meter cable possibly gold plated high quality cable
insulating tape
Ipod ;)

Its about a one hour job

First at all start to heat up the soldering iron.
Prepare the wires about 4mm long, dont need more than that, and apply a little solder on it, because its grip easyer later for the ISO plug metal parts.
Next step is solder together the cables with the little plugs.
If all done use the piler to fasten the grip flaps on the cables.
Next step is prepare the audio cable. This cable needs to strip down a bit longer and on two level. The two negativ can be solded together with a black wire, the left plus and right plus can be solded together with white and red cable. It is red and yellow on the picture. After the soldering is done use the insulating tape to separate them from each other very well...
Now plug them to the right place, follow the pictures. double check before plug in because very hard to remowe the little plugs later.
Left plus C19
Right plus C20
Audio minus C18
We also need two other color cable to bridge the C13 and C15 together.
The reason why I add more cables for the ISO because I was not sure wich cables need to be bridged together. It is might be different with other Grundig models.
If all the audio cable sealed with tape its time to make a test before we put back the headunit. Plug in the cables but without pushing back the headunit switch it on and test the cable with an mp3 player. Press SRC or MODE on radio and its should change to AUX IN. If not try to play a bit with the other cables but its should be only C13 and C15 bridged together.

If works well you just have to wire in the cable to the glovebox and from the glovebox to under the ashtray. At the radio left corner there is a big hole leading to glovebox so very easy. I used a hard alu wire to drive in the cable...
I think thats it really.

Enjoy the CD-ish quality and the next homework is to find out how to charge the ipod.

:worship: Hare Fiat, Hare Marea 2.0 20V :slayer: