You will need the following;
  • A bucket
  • A replacement none return valve
  • Pliers
  • Pipe/wire snippers (to cut water pipe)
  • Fresh water
1) Drain screen wash bottle to remove any remaining gunk and fill with water.

2) Fold rear seats forward to enable removeal of side pannel
Locate the none return by removing the upholstered side pannel on the N/S (RHD models) in the rear of the car.
IMG00342-20100115-1138.jpg IMG00341-20100115-1138.jpg

3) Once located remove the 'in' pipe to the blocked none return valve. This can be done using the pliers. Failing this, simply cut the none return valve out. It is important that the 'In' pipe is removed first!

4) Once removed place the 'In' pipe into the bucket and get another person to press and hold the rear wash switch.

5) Pump the content of the pipe from the washer tank into the bucket. Ensure that all the gunk is removed from pipe, so pump for a good 30sec or so until no more gunk comes through.

6) Now connect new none return valve to 'In' pipe. Ensure pipe is connected to the 'In' side of the valve, as shown by the water flow arrow.

7) Now remove the 'Out' pipe from the blocked none return valve. Ensure the pipe is over the bucket at this point as the content of the pipe to the rear jet will drain back out of the pipe very quickly, and will go all over the inside of the car if its not in the bucket!

8) Now connect the 'Out' pipe to the 'Out' side of the none return valve.
Again get a helper to activate the rear screen wash. Water should now flow out of the rear wash jet.

9) Now replace side pannel and job done :D (y)