Guide to changing Dials/Display Pod in Brava 1.4S 96:

1 - Get new dials/pod
2 - Remove 5 screws holding in facia/surround
3 - Carefully remove surround making sure you dont break the heater connection, and remove headlight adjustment switch and display brightness switches
4 - There is another 5 bolts holding in dials, these have to be removed.
5 - After these 5 bolts are removed there is another 2 plugs that can be removed with moderate difficulty from top of dials.
6 - After these are removed, carefully remove the dials to the left side.
7- Take apart both units and remove the digital display (Odemeter) as this has your mileage recorded on.
8 - Swap around and secure all screws and joints.
9 - Finish off by doing reverse with new dials

Wa la!