I got a little bored and decided to split my headlights and spray the frame and inside of the units black.

I followed the usual instructions that can be found everywhere.

Heat the units up at gas mark 5 or 200 degrees for 3 minutes (no more) and gently pry the glass off.

Carefully split the reflector from the unit and sand only the outer frame using 240 grit wet and dry. You don't need to take all of the chrome off just dull it down and get it back to smooth.

Mask off everything inside and spray using any color you want following usual spraying instructions.

You don't need primer for this providing you have sanded and cleaned the surface properly.

After I finished spraying I polished my lenses and the reflectors (the part I didn't paint) refitted the lense's using new silicone.



I cleaned and sprayed this also.


And the final result.



P.S. Ignore the broken splaitter, I still need to sort it and I also found that my drivers side unit was broken so i'm now in need of a replacement DOH!!