Ok, So this is my first guide hopefully it is useful.

I profess not to be an expert, mechanic or Fiat Guru. I like to think I am however quite handy and thought this guide may be of use.

Here is the official Fiat Instruction Sheet

Step 1: Removing the gear knob cap.
In the instructions is looks simple, screw driver, lever it off and there you go. In reality I found the gear cap (bit with numbers on) is held on by 4 clip joints to the rubber sleeve attached to it. I spent a good 20 mins trying to patiently remove it in tact.

In the end I had to use two screw drivers and leaver it off, summoning the power of Courtney loves rage to detach it. I knew I wasn't going to reuse it so it did get a bit damaged coming off but I couldn't see how you could safely remove it without at least 4 screw drivers an extra pair of hands and a bag full of patience!.

Step 2: Removing the fitting bolt.

I used a socket wrench to undo the screw and remove it. If you are fitting the leather official gear knob you won’t need this again.

Step 3: Remove gear knob.

Relatively straight forward it just pulls off leaving the arm and spring.
NB This pic was taken after removing the gaiter but it here to assist.

Step 4: Removing spring.

You simply rotate this anti clockwise and use your fingers to pull the end over the small lip that holds it in place. Be cautious; my gear stick was quite greasy so have a cloth to save transferring fiat goop around your car.

Step 5: Removing the gaiter.

Again this feels a bit rough when you're trying to remove it. The gaiter and chrome surround that are fixed to the car are fixed by a number of clips. You can't get to these to release them but they are quite sturdy. I pulled lightly on one side to release the first halt then pulled round the edges. Examples below of both parts.

Then simply pull the gaiter and chrome surround up and off the gear stick column.

You then need to cut the cable tie as in the instructions. This releases the elastic holding strip and then gaiter from the chrome gear arm.
Stage 6: Fitting new gaiter

I went for the Ivory Leather official gear knob option. It is quite a tight fit to get it on. So a bit of patience you just wiggle the chrome gear arm until the new leather gaiter is on the chrome arm. Then put the chrome surround onto the new gaiter at the bottom. This is pretty easy just unclip from the old one and match to the new one ensuring all clips are in place. You should now have a newly gaitered chrome gear arm with the chrome base attached

Then pull it inside out towards you then tie the new cable tie through the elastic loop and secure tightly round the top of the new gaiter to ensure it stays in place. Then push the gear stick through the newly gaitered chrome arm and clip the gaiter base on the dash. Again line it up and it just clips in.

Step 7: Refitting the spring.

Put the spring back on, in the reverse method of Step 4.

Step 8: Fitting the leather knob.

Remember you dont need to replace the original fixing bolt it was only to secure the previous knob. The new knob uses two allen tighten bolts to secure it.

Place the knob onto the gear stick then place each of the two bolts in either side and tigh ten using the allen key. Ensure the gear stick is 'true' and not at a slight angle. Tighten both.


NB - I suggest you check that the lift reverse still works to make sure the spring is in correctly before fitting the buttons and also check it feels 'secure'.

Step 9: Adding the chrome 'buttons'.

The chrome buttons hide the two tightening bolts in step 8. They are a bugger to put in as they feel they may break as it's not clear where they fit in.
There are two clips on each, and the two holes/slots are hidden by the leather cover. They are however near the top of the gear knob when looking at the hole which the chrome button fits into. It’s a case of putting the button in at an angle, clips first, to find them, then when you have located the slots (hidden by leather!) levelling the clip, wiggling and pushing until it clips in.

It makes a reassuring squish noise.

There you have it a newly fitted 500 gear knob.


The leebee