Before we start I seriously recommend any members to buy one.

They are EXCELLENT value for money at just over 30 quid.

The car I fitted mine to is an 04 8v 1.2 Punto (Mk2B)

They have made quite a big difference to the sound of my car, and also increased it's economy (although my air filter was blocked I suspect).

Do not try buying these for any other engine other than a 1.2 8 valve (Mk2, and Mk2b both fit).

I'll write a little guide as many members struggle fitted these.

1) Before you start make sure you have every peice of eqipment that come with these kits.

This includes:

Steel tubing.
Blue elbow joint.
Blue circle joint.
Air induction cone (normally blue or red).
A length of thin hose.
1 small hose clip.
Various large hose clips.
2 mounting brackets.

The kit does not include

2 more small hose clips.
A small copper connection. (Can be bought from Homebase, B&Q, etc etc)

2) Once you've got everything you need start by unclipping the small spring which is holding the air filter box on.

Please note - remove the whole black box, do not start unscrewing the top screws. The standard air filter is the whole black box.

After that unscrew the 2 screws now holding the box on.

Then it should just lift up.

3) Join the air filter together trying to follow this image.


Please note the steel tubing should go down towards the engine, not any other way.

Than attach it all together using the large clips.

4) After the air induction kit is built up attach the blue elbow pipe to where the original air filter box was removed, making sure the black seal goes over the blue elbow pipe.

5) Secure that connection with one of the large clips, making sure its secure.

6) Next you'l need some copper piping connectors (not included).

The copper pipe bridges the gap between the blue air induction kit pipe and the whole the orginal air box left.

This should then be secure with 2 smaller clips (one on either side of the connector).

7) Next, attach the other end of the blue wire to the steel induction tubing. Then secure this with a small clip.

8) Now all you need to do is secure it (which is easier said than done as these kits are not specifically designed for a Punto).

Some people connect the brackets that came with the kit to the manifold bolts (under the heat protection metal). Other people secure it to the battery holder.

I secured it to the battery holder, so just go ahead and unscrew the battery holder bolt and slip one of the brackers through there.

Next attach the other end of the bracket to the steel unduction tubing (I used another large clip).

9) Basically this is just touch and go where you can find to attach it, but try and secure it as much as possible and also try to make sure the small blue hose does not touch any metal part of the engine.

10) You're more a less done. Just seel the hole on the back of the elbow bracket up with a small amount of sillicone. Tighten all your clips.

Then just go ahead and fire the engine up.

you'll notice a difference in sound, mpg economy, and power. (But probably not to a great extent).

Please post your results, and comments.