Things to order:

Wipex replacement linkage bars:

New Linkages.jpg

4 x 10mm inside diameter x 14mm diameter x 12.5mm long bushings for the wiper spindles. The only place I could source these from was Hayleys Group Engineering Supplies. They sold brass ones for 50p each! Give them a phone and you should be able to get them.

6 Bushings.jpg

Removing the linkage:

1.Take the black plastic caps of the windscreen wiper arm nuts and undo the nuts. Run the nuts up so they cover the exposed thread but no further.

2.As the the wiper arms tend to get seized onto the spindle you may need to use a puller to remove them. The puller grips under the arm and the puller drive screw pushes onto the centre of the spindle with the nut protecting the exposed threads and drive screw slipping of. Turning it will pull the arms of the spindle.

Wiper Puller.jpg

Link to the tool:

3. With the arms removed you can then remove the plastic trimming which covers the windscreen wiper motor and linkage.

4.Disconnect the wiper motor connector and the 3 nuts holding the wiper linkage onto the car body.

5.Having a feel of the 2 bars connecting to the motor and spindles you will notice wear and play.

6. Take the linkage and place it in a vice gripping it the metal arms with the metal balls on the end. I found this the easiest way to remove the linkage bars.

In Vice.jpg

7.Take a suitable drift or object to hammer the bar of the ball socket. You may have to improvise with a pry bar or something for the ones connecting to the motor.

8.Now the linkage arms are removed you can remove the wiper spindles. You'l need to pry of the locking ring then let the spindle drop out of the bushings. A flathead screwdriver should do, do it gently and hold the ring as it comes of so it doesn't go springing of and you lose it forever! Remove the small rubber seal and you'l see the top of the bushings.

2 Removing Locking Clip.jpg

3 Taking Out Spindle.jpg

9.With the spindles removed you can tap out the bushings. I used a small drift to hammer on the lip of the bushing inside the housing. You'l have to hammer out the bushing from underneath with the linkage locked in the vice.
With the bushings removed you'l notice the wear inside them.

4 Removing Bushing.jpg

5 Removing Bushing.jpg

6 Bushings.jpg

10. To insert the new ones it was quite fiddly and involves a bit of patience to get them seated. They wont hammer in unless seated straight, Just tap them with a hammer. Once they start to go in you might need to use a fair bit of force to get them flush with the top. A club hammer is best.

7 Putting In New Bushing.jpg

12. You will need to tap the bushing slightly further in by about 2mm to accommodate for the seal. I used a small socket which fitted inside it and caught the lip. This did the trick.

8 Pushing in Further with socket.jpg

13. Put the spindles back lightly coating them in grease complete with seal and lock ring. As the tight tolerances have been restored they will be relatively hard to get back in.

14. As they are tight in the bushings I bedded them in by turning the spindle back and forth. They will eventually loosen of to a healthy tight frictionless fit.

15. Put the linkage bars back on with water pump pliers to pull the new bushing onto the balls, they will be quite tight. Apply a small amount of lithium grease onto the ball. Have a feel of everything. It should be much tighter, no play and silent! You wipers will sit much accurately on the screen.

9 Putting Arms Back On.jpg

16. Put everything back together and take care to clean the spindle threads and put copper grease on them to prevent the arms from seizing on again!

Thanks guys and I hope this helps you save some money!