When I first had a seat in the Panda 100HP it was late summer and warm, but when it got colder I started to miss the heated seats from my dads car. So after a little research on the internet I found a DIY heated seat kit.

This kit consisted form two heated mats, a realy, a button and som small stuff per seat. So it was posible to not only make the lower part heated, but also the backrest!

The heated seat kit:

This tutorial is for the driver seat, the passenger seat is the same but mirrored

The fist thing you need to do is remove the seat, I should start with the passenger seat. If this job takes longer than expected and you need to drive, then you still can drive. Unscrew the seat with the 4 hex screws on the corners of the seat rails.

Once the seat is out of the car, remove the lower part of the seat with the two 10mm bolts on the front.

Take a heating mat and possion it on top of the seat. Cut the mat to the appropriate size, but make sure that you don't cut in the wires of the mat.

Take the lower part of the seat and remove the backside of the upholstery clips. Do it by pushing the plastic clips forward and then lift the back side up. You need to loosen eight of these clips

To lift the upholstery up you need to cut some metal rings. There are five rings, you can find them here:
20180116_201620 - kopie.jpg

You can find these rings where there is a line in the seat foam, they look like this:

slide the heated mat in the seat with the paper stil on the tape. When the mat is in place peel the tape off and make sure that the mat is in the right place. Make a hole in the fome from the top of the seat to the botom so the cable can go through the seat.

Make sure thate the heated mat isn't laing over the edge where the ring for the upholstery is supposed to go. Use some sturdy zip ties to fasten the upholstery back to the foam and cut the remaning end off.

Attach the upholstery clips back on the frame and make sure that the cable is coming trough the frame.

Now it's time for the backrest, first remove the cat :D

Oké, back to normal....
To insert the heated mat in the backrest you need to disconnect the plastic holding the upholstery together.
This plastic clips in to eachother and needs some persuasion to come apart. It's easier to pull the plastic cap off to see the plastic clip.

When the plastic clip is coming apart you can simply pull on it to get is loose.

To inser the heated mat in the backrest you need to cut it to size. Again make sure that you don't cut in the wires or anything.

When the mat is cut to size, you can slide the mat in the backrest and position it to your likes. Don't pull the tape of yet, do this once the mat is in the right place.

Route the cable to the desired place, i've routed it to the center of the car. This will be explained later on.

Put the upholstery back together and click the plastick back together. This could be a bit difficult and is easier with two persons.

Now srew the seat back together with the two 10mm bolts and let's start the wiring!

First check the button for lose connections, all my connections where fairly lose and I solderd the wires to the connector.

My connector had a diameter of 20mm, so I had to drill a 20mm hole in the plastic of the seat. I've chosen to mount the button on the inside of the seat, but you can place it anywhere you like. But make sure you have enough wire left.

The inside of the seat is a good choise becouse you can route the cables to the center console whre the sigaret light is. You can get the 12V supply that is switched so the heated seats won't empty your battery.
Zip tie all wires to the seat and use some double sided tape for the relay, make sure you have enough wire left for the 12V.

Now you can place everything back on the seat and instal it back in the car.
I've connected the 12V to the sigaret lighter. There are three wires, you need the black (negative) and the blue (positive) wires. Cutt these wires and solder the red and black wires to the blue and black wires.

Once everything is done the cables look like this.

Now you can enjoy you heated seats in the Panda for some extra comfort!