So, me fan stopped working on the 1000s. Long queue at road works - (which is about the only time you'll realise it's not working as the temp gauge will go right over without airflow through the radiator)
Just thought I'd share this as the Panda (and it's cousins) are susceptible to blowing head gaskets...

Disconnect plug to sw on side of rad - (a plastic clip secures it)
If you are lucky enough to be carrying a paperclip or hair grip bridge the contacts on the plug (make sure nothing is touching fan) - fan should kick in (whether ignition is on or not)
If it does your temp sensor rad sw is faulty.
If it doesn't you got two options:
1) one of the contacts should light a test lamp - if it don't, you've no power and need to check fuses/supply
2) the other should make contact with earth - a multi-tester is handy for this - if it don't show continuity you've got an earth problem. The earth multi-connector is on the inner wing and wiggling these in turn will probably fix it.

so I've done above and it's the sensor sw for me... now if I had a spare :rolleyes

If you are on a journey and have access to anything to short those contacts and fear you mave have to join a long queue (motorway hold-ups!) - save your head gasket and leave the clip or whatever you have in place -this will keep fan running. Other option is to keep an eye on temp gauge and jump out now and again to bridge contacts. Don't drop bonnet shut - just rest it down - will make it that bit quicker! Make sure whatever you use is a good fit as it could drop out. Doesn't matter if it touches anything (out of way of fan of course) as it only earths the contact and doing what the failed sw would do anyway. If you haven't got access to funds for a new temp sensor sw a switch fitted across the terminals would be a good idea with wires run inside the car (remembering to keep an eye on temp gauge thereafter of course)
With older vehicles fitted with relay-controlled electric fans an overide sw that earths the relay is a good addition (I've done this on the Ducato)
especially as this has happened on both Panda's now... Of course you could always carry a spare thermo sw! (and something to fit it with...)
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