ive more then likely forgot to put something somewhere so add as you please so it can be tweaked a bit

stuff you will need
goggles, axle stands, jack socket set, breaker bar, torque wrench,angle gauge, pliers
head gasket set, head bolts,

if your handy with a spanner you should be able to do this easily, i did and im 17 (y)

safe working

As working with a car you should disconnect the battery before working

On this job you will need to go under the car at some point so its best to chock the rear wheels and use use axle stands, never work under a car with just a jack
use the appropriate PPE e.g. overalls, boots, goggles for under the car and for some gloves

dis assembly

disconnect the battery negative calbe

drain the water from the cooling system

Un-clip the 4 clips holding the top of the airbox along with the 2 bolts onto of the TB (bob) with the two pipes onto the TB and rocker cover

unhook the the throttle cable

undo the bolts holing the injector/TB on along with the connector ontop

remove the throttle cable by undoing the bolt nearest to the front

remove the electrical connections, pipes from the injector/TB and remove the injector/TB (there's is a water pipe to the back of the TB not shown in the photo)


remove the 2 or 4 bolts on top of the thermostat and remove the pipe to the heater matrix and the electrical connector between the bolts

remove the electrical connectors and HT leads from the coil pack's

Un-clip the the wire holders on the left side of the block (cylinder 1 end) but do not undo the large bolts, remove the temp sender connector

remove the vacuum pipe that is just below were the TB/injector is/was

unscrew the 8 bolts holding the rocker cover on if they don't want to come out try a t35 star drive or hammer a T40 star drive crude but effective

remove the rocker cover

remove the 4 bolts and washers holding the rocker arm on and remove, i turned each of the 90 degrees going along them till no more tension was felt on them

remove the 8 push rods and keep them in order

chock the rear wheels and put the handbrake on firmly (if yours works ) then jack the front of the car up and support with axle stands high enough so you can easily get under the car

remove the 3 bolts from the exhaust manifold to the downpipe, id defiantly recommend eye protection from calling dirt
remove the dipstick securing bolt that bolts to the head

remove the HT leads from the spark plug end if you haven't already

remove the head bolts in order using a 90 degree turn in order until to more tension is felt on any of them

with the head bolts out lift the head up and give the exhaust manifold a swift tug to free it

remove the old head gasket and inspect to see were it failed

gasket's/prep time

prep time

while here i would clean up all the parts while there off and get the head skimmed

while you are here i would recommend a oil change as the filter is in really easy reach

remove the 5 bolts holing the exhaust manifold onto the head, replace the gasket and refit the exhaust manifold

place the thermostat gasket onto the head with the small indent in towards the centre otherwise a head bolt will rip it up a little bit ( gasket in the photo is the wrong way around )

take the oil filler cap off the rocker cover and take the rubber seal off of it, place the seal roughly in its place then screw the cap into the rocker cover this will push it into place evenly

insert the rocker cover gasket onto the the bottom of the rocker cover after clearing out the area it goes into (clear glue in mine)

place the head gasket on the block, flat edge on the right hand of the engine (cylinder 4) and the curved edge on the left (over cylinder 1)


align the head on the block making sure not the move the gasket, if not sure its lined up do it again to help place a head bolt on two opposite corners to help keep it all in line

pop all the head bolts in and finger tighten them all

you need to do the bolts up in stages;
.do bolts up to 30nm in order
.tighten 90 degrees in order
.tighten another and final 90 degrees in order

next is the exhaust manifold to downpipe, get under that car and put those 3 bolts back in and tighten up

re-insert the push-rods they should go in straight and not be at a kack angle

place the rocker arm into place and make sure all of the tappet and pushrods go into each other correctly

put the washers and bolts on and then torque them up-to 40nm

bolt up the dip stick bolt

bolt on the rocker cover

insert the spark plugs and tighten them

insert the plugs the coil packs along with HT leads

plug the temp sensor back in

insert the vacuum pipe to the bottom of the rocker cover and secure

bolt on the thermostat but don't forget the gasket or earth cable

place the throttle body and injector along with the lower gasket on with throttle cable holder towards cylinder 4 (N/S) and bolt on

connect the throttle cable and the connector on-top of the injector/TB

connect the pipe from the expansion tank to the rear of the TB along with the pipe fro the thermostat to the front of the TB

connect the 3 plugs on the left side of the TB/injector

connect the fuel line and return to the injector

connect the bob with the air box and secure the hoses

reconnect the small pipe from the front of the car to the front of the TB (cant remember were it trails off to)

double check all the connections are secure, tug, poke, pull, push everything yo make sure

top back up with water and anti-freeze 50/50 mix should be fine and bleed the system

reconnect the battery

hope you got it all right

start her up