gasket's/prep time

prep time

while here i would clean up all the parts while there off and get the head skimmed

while you are here i would recommend a oil change as the filter is in really easy reach

remove the 5 bolts holing the exhaust manifold onto the head, replace the gasket and refit the exhaust manifold
DSC00703.jpg DSC00702.jpg

place the thermostat gasket onto the head with the small indent in towards the centre otherwise a head bolt will rip it up a little bit ( gasket in the photo is the wrong way around )

take the oil filler cap off the rocker cover and take the rubber seal off of it, place the seal roughly in its place then screw the cap into the rocker cover this will push it into place evenly

insert the rocker cover gasket onto the the bottom of the rocker cover after clearing out the area it goes into (clear glue in mine)

place the head gasket on the block, flat edge on the right hand of the engine (cylinder 4) and the curved edge on the left (over cylinder 1)

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