Fancy changing the MK2/2B badge to a different colour of your choice?

Well look no further, this is a very simple mod to do and literally only takes at the most 10 minutes!

Here's what you need:

  • FIAT Badge
  • A very thin blade or flat head screwdriver
  • Acetone (Any nail varnish remover, will work!)
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Spray Paint (you choose the colour)
  • 8mm socket and ratchet to remove badge from car
  • WD40 (spray this on the nut behind badge before removal, as some can be very rusty!)
  • Cotton Buds

Step 1 - Remove the badge

Pop the bonnet put it on it's supporting rod (left-hand side) get your wd40 and spray the thread and nut (behind the badge) as this part of the badge over the years can become very brittle, as I experienced this on my old badge slight bit of force and the thread snapped - but I never used wd40 on that attempt so only myself to blame :D so allow the wd40 to soak the nut and thread for about a minute then get your 8mm socket and ratchet undo it gently not too much force! It should then come off nicely :)

Step 2 - Remove the front plastic from badge cover

You can use a standing knife or a thin flat head screwdrive to prise this off but be careful it is plastic at the end of the day! But prise this off from the edge VERY slowly so you're only left with a faint blue residue on the plastic, which we'll sort out in the next step! Once it's off it's time to get rid of the residue for painting!!!

Step 3 - Get rid of the blue residue

Get your acetone (nail varnish remover) with a cotton bud and go in a circular motion over the plastic NOT touching the wording "FIAT", get off as much as you can until you're happy with the result, after you've done this go in the kitchen and use some fairy liquid and clean it up and dry it off before painting over it!

Step 4 - Painting

This is simple to do so not much explanation is needed for this! Just apply even coats (I'd say 3 coats to start with) then allow to dry (touch dry) pick it up look at it and think does it need more coats? If it does then repeat the 3 coats allow to dry! But don't go crazy on the coats as the paint may crack and look tacky!

For the last coat allow it to dry for approx 10-15 minutes, this depends on how long it takes to dry of course mine took 10 minutes and it was touch dry!

Step 5 - Putting it back on the car

Get a standing life and cut out the old sticky tape inside and replace this with the new double-sided tape, once that's done just put the plastic back in and put a bit of pressure on it so it's firmly secure in there! Make sure you get it lined up correctly but the MK2 badges have two blocks inside that helps you to get it lined correctly.

After that, just do the removal in reverse and that is all there is to it! :)

Here's the result you should have:


One of those cheap but effective mods that will make you're Punto stand out from the rest out there ;)

This is my very first guide, so if it isn't perfect I do apologize but I thought I'd post this to help others out there!

Hope this helps someone! (y)