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Lightbulb New thread but not really.


Good point of the day - Put fully charged battery in this morning. Still nothing from the starter, however dash lights are staying when I try to start her. It's not much, but it is a little step forward.

Bad point of the day - had, but didn't get too good alook at the internal fuse box. I'm seeing rust, which I presume can't be a good thing.

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Re: New thread but not really.

Hello Toisich. I usually hang about on the Panda threads and, just of late because my younger boy is thinking of buying one, on the New Tipo threads I also look at the "threads you've posted to" However this morning I'm having a wee wander round the Forum at random and I've just come across your thread. - Sorry to hear of your problems.

As soon as I heard of your condensation problems I thought of my older boy's 2012 "new" Punto which developed condensation problems during the first winter after buying it. We found water in the spare wheel well and it took a while to track it down but in the end we found water was leaking past the rear lights, especially the N/S one, due to the foam seal having compressed. Before we really started to look for a remedy the LED side light on the N/S failed which meant the whole light unit had to be renewed and the new light, with it's new seal has pretty much sorted the problem. I think there's a very slight leak still on the O/S but it rarely causes any problem and the condensation problem has completely stopped. Unfortunately his electric hatchback release has now stopped working and I suspect it's probably a broken wire between the hatch and body where it goes through the rubber gator. He can still get in by triggering the lock from the inside though and, as the car is a second car which he just uses to go to work in, We may leave sorting it until next year when it gets warmer! Of course, now I'm thinking about it, it might be that the condensation problem has caused corrosion of terminals or the micro switch? Maybe I'll give that a check out soon.

I'm afraid I don't have much to suggest regarding your starting problem. I find electrical problems nearly always difficult to sort, but, as the earth lead to the body is a know weakness on our wee Fiats it could be worth clamping a jump lead to the engine block and a bare metal earthing on the body somewhere thus bypassing the possibly dodgy earth lead. If she then spins over you'll know it's either the earth lead itself or a dodgy connection at one end or the other.

Luckily for me I've not had to do a starter motor on any of the Pandas we've owned or my boy's Punto so I'm not intimately familiar with them but if you can easily find the solenoid connection on the starter - normally there are two wires connected to the type of starters used on modern cars. A really heavy wire which should be live all the time with battery voltage (don't short circuit this wire, it can pass very large current) and a much smaller wire which is the wire the ignition switch activates. If you can connect a wire to the positive terminal of the battery (doesn't need to be anything like as big as a battery wire - look at the wire already connected to the starter for size) and then touch the other end to this small terminal on the starter it should activate the solenoid and make the starter work. If this works you'll then know the starter itself is working - be careful because the engine will turn over of course! so make sure it's in neutral and count how many fingers you have when you've finished! If this "trick" results in the starter working then you can concentrate on the supply from the ignition switch, look for fuse and connection problems, broken wires, etc. If the starter doesn't turn when you try with the jumper wire then it's probably the starter motor itself.

Of course corrosion around the fuse box is not a good omen. Good luck. Nice to talk with someone else from near to home!

PS If you try to activate the starter with the wee jump wire as I've suggested above, be careful not to touch anything other than the small starter solenoid terminal - engine block, body or anyhthing metal, with the bare end of the wire or you'll get a big short circuit! - Actually, of course, I don't know your skill level here? Maybe all this is stuff you know already? In which case apologies.
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Re: New thread but not really.

Hi Chris

Can you give us a bit of a reminder timeline of what youve seen..found..done

Did it run well at one point.. what then failed..etc

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