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Hey everyone so i've been on the forum a little while been doing a thread for my Panda 100hp. my most recent purchase however is a Fiat Uno 1991 60S.

I bought it online with out seeing the car. It was delivered on Friday. it doesn't look in great shape, the paint work has all faded and there are lots of dents in the body panels.

the inside is very clean tho and after getting on the ramp and having a look underneath there is no rust at all so really happy with that.

Its done just over 21000 miles and unbelievably still has the original tyres on the rear. they will need changing because they are perished.

the car has been off the road for a few years and therefore has not been mot'd in god knows how long.

first plans for the Uno: get new tyres, sort the passenger side headlight (hopefully that is just going to be a bulb), and replace the side indicator light as the clip that holds it in the panel has snapped, also cleaning it up and trying to get the colour back in the paint, and the black plastic numbers and trim.

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