Multipla This is my jtd, thinking it needs pimping...


This is how my jtd looked when I picked it up


It looks a bit better now, got an aerial, a new red Fiat badge, cleaned up and painted the rusty wipers, and most recently fixed up the bumper with a heat gun.

The wings still has some damage, not decided if I will worry about it or not for now.

This weekend I was planning to vinyl wrap the roof, I have some 3D carbon fibre look vinyl which would look amazing but even though I realised it would be tricky, don't think I quite understood just how tricky, so I'm reavaluation that idea for now... 🤷

Got the idea of the black roof from Smurftipla's photos on here (painted roof, looks great), but I don't want to paint mine...

Anyway might try again with a few helpers :idea:

And obviously I've been refurbing a set of 17" black alloys, which were powder coated and a couple badly curbed, think it will transorm the look of my jtd when I get them on with some wider tyres.

So to my question, preservere and get the roof vinyl wrapped? Or just wrap the bonnet? There are a couple of deep scratches on there which could do with hiding but I'm not 100% sure about the black vinyl on there...

What does people think about this?


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