500 Third time lucky.


After first owning a 500 Sport 1.3MJT that was a joy to drive but was not suitable (due to DPF problems) for daily city use I sold it after 2½ years and bought a TwinAir Sport for the wife. Unfortunately it was a bit of a lemon and so after a few weeks decided to look for something else.

The 500 is the only small car that my wife likes and she had driven the 1.2 and 1.4 variants already as courtesy cars so the next logical step was to visit the local Abarth dealer.

We tried all the variants and in the end decided on a standard 135BHP A500 but with a few options and the deal was almost done. However, the ride was a little to firm on the 17" Petals so we changed them for std 16" 8 spokes and that clinched the deal.

I wanted to get some nicer pictures but I can always add some more later so, for now, this is the car that eventually satisfied the missus. :D

Just fits up the drive and into the garage so no cold and wet nights outside.

Love the red calipers and red outers on the hub caps.

One of the best bums ever (except for Kylie) **FRA**

Went for the split/folding rear seat option as it makes the boot area more

Although we don't do a lot of night driving I optioned the Xenons as they
make such a lot of difference over the standard headlights.

At the end of the day this is what Abarth motoring is all about. (y)

Was going to go for leather but was very disappointed with the leather
seats on the TwinAir, although, in fairness, the Abarth ones did look to be
better quality. One of the problems, if you chose red leather was that the
rear seats were only supplied as black. :confused: Not a problem if you wanted
Black Leather though. After trying the standard seats the wife said that they wer fine so managed to save a few quid there. (y)

The last thing to do was to put her private plate on the car. Although I
am not a lover of the plates that are altered with fixing bolts and dodgy
spacing etc. I do like the ageless plates.

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