The Cinq's replacement (MR2)


Hi all,
Put a deposit down on the cinq's replacement earlier...


- Rev 4 MR2 N/A (decided I couldn't afford to run a turbo doing 50+ miles a day commuting to work).
- Even in N/A guise its 174bhp (being the later 3S-GE engine); 0-60 is 7 seconds but returns a respectable 38mpg considering its a 2ltr 16v twin cam :D
- lowish mileage
- Goodwood green (IE black until the sun really hits in then theres a rich green almost TVResq, and a kind of blue tint in there in some light)
- Perfect center console for my car PC
- Mid engine, rear wheel drive.
- only cloth interior at the moment, but can get decent leather ones cheap enough in the future.
- completely standard all round and well looked after.

didnt pay a bad price considering its very good condition (though its filthy dirty in the pics due to building works up the road from the place i got it). Full service history with a lot of the expensive work already being done, drives an absolute dream! Very different world from the cinq!

Got a few plans already for her:
- Lowering about 30mm
- American revision rear lights (red all round removing the amber parts)
- new stainless exhaust
- leather interior
- fit carPC
- general clean up
- maybe some subtle sideskirts & a turbo engine cover + fans.

Pick her up next Saturday, cant wait!


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