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I won't try and convince you that its a perfect donor car and i cant honestly tell you why i've chosen something so old but I think that its something to do with the amount of modern engineering i'll be using to make this car what its going to be. I bought something that has a removeable cab, a T-bar roof conversion and funnily enough for a pick-up, Racing heritage. This car had a tuned MGB engine, (B series obviously) and after that the famous fiat twin camm and thus has alot of the modern mechanicals that some of the lowest spec cars don't have today, anti-roll bar, vented disk brakes, PAS (not from the MGB) and servo assisted brakes. None of that really matters as i've designed a new tubular chassis for the engine that is to go in which will require widening of the vehicle by around a foot and lengthening of the cab and back by about a foot also, which will be taken up in the arches and chassis. Here she is, warning, you WILL laugh


I aquired the vehicle some a little while ago now and chose this basis becasue it wasn't something someone could really restore anymore. I didnt want to waste a decent classic, which i'm sure you can agree, this is no longer. The back will be rebuilt with brushed aluminium rectangular section and the front will be a fixture of carbon fibre and kevlar (but painted).

I'm building this to showcase my side of the companies abilites and it may serve as a work vehicle also. I'll try to keep this as a blog or i'll start an actual blog when i get properly stuck into it.


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