Stilo Stilo Multijet Dynamic


Just bought myself a 55 plate Stilo Multijet Dynamic.
This is my third Stilo and my best yet.
It has a couple of problems: temperamental parking sensors and a 'check engine' message (turns out the bulb for the EML is dead and that's what the warning is about!)

However I'm totally in love with this Stilo! It's got the standard (working!) climate control and cruise control which is brilliant. Also has around £1.5k of options, including: ESP, Electric rear windows, auto lights/wipers/parking sensors, metallic paint and the upgraded stereo with Sub, Amp and extra speakers (cannot get the sub and amp to work with an aftermarket stereo or a Parrot Bluetooth kit)

On a run I'm getting close to 55-60MPG and around town about 44MPG.

Had problems with cold starting so when I had it serviced this morning they checked the battery and one of the cells is dead. Hopefully now that's been replaced it'll be the end of the starting problems.

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