Stilo Stilo ABarth 2.0v turbo build


Hi all
This is thread on my Stilo Abarth build, a mate and i are building a track orientated car, although it will also be road legal.

We started off with a White Abarth that was bought from Flee bay, unseen apart from some pics that were on the listing.

By all accounts the only thing wrong was it wouldn't go into gear after a replacement box was fitted, i spoke to the local indy Fiat person and was informed it just needed setting up on the computer. but as the engine was being pulled anyway i didn't bother having it done.

Engine started and ran like a swiss watch, engine is for sale with gearbox and all the ecu's that would be needed.

it only took us a day and a half to totally strip out the engine and internals.

This is how clean the engine bay was when the engine was pulled out.
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