Stilo Stilo 3 door 1.9 JTD (the Banana)


I've been in the Panda section for years now with various Pandas but this is my first Stilo.
Given to me by my Brother in-law a couple of weeks ago. He owned it from new (I was at dealers at the time as I set the deal up) so I've known the car all its days.
It's been sitting at the side of his house for the past 4 years and as you can see is looking a bit sorry for itself. Mechanically its sound, well apart from 2 broken front springs. I plan on bringing it back to life to use a a run round and add a few little things to it as I go along, one of them being a sky roof it is possible, and I'm keeping it yellow although not exactly Broom as I intend to wrap it.

Must say I'm looking forward to working on it.
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