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Hi guys,

So my car shopping journey has been the most arduous(spl) and painful one there can be. But finally i have a car.

2001 156 2.0 TS Black Leather, Aircon, Zender Spoiler and so on. Cost a small sum of £1050.

60,000 Miles, Cam Belt Recently Loads of recent and past receipts for work along with 5 or 6 mots from the Past. HPI Clear. Needs some work here n there like a drivers visor, Drivers Window Switch, Car Matts, chips n scracthes polishing and touching up. Also the side skirts need glueing a bit here n there.

Car drives like a dream. Cruises lovely on the motorway and has enough power for me to be happy for now (150 BHP).

Anyways less yapping and here is a pic. Ill upload more later when i get a chance to take some.

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