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well thought id post pics of my new car, it isnt very shiny atm due to lots of dirt lol, was clean earlier though.....

First things first i was after a car alot more moden and with lots of little extras because of the amount of miles i will be doing, also something with an image/badge because of the job. Now the car wouldnt be my first choice but its all paid for so im happy with all that.

Also beau i dont give a **** if your punto is faster ro waht ever other car someone wants to tell me is faster.... it moves like **** of a shovel considering all the extra weight its got and im thorougly enjoying it. After 3k it gets all fun but i cant figure out how to turn the traction control of yet lol......

Anyways here it is....

Mercedes Benz W169 A170 Advantgarde SE Manual

1.7 L Petrol - 116 bhp @ 5500 RPM and 155 NM @ 3500-4000 RPM
Easy-Vario-Plus system
Exterior Sight and Light Package
Interior Light Package
Seat Comfort Package
Sports Package
Sports Suspension
Sports seats in Black Artico and Zandvoort cloth
Centre armrest - front
Electric Windows all Round (Normally just in front)
Air Conditioning
Also going to order a Phone Kit and Detachable Towbar for it tomorrow hopefully

Sports Package Included....
17" alloy wheels (4) - 7-spoke design
7J x 17 (tyre size 215/45)
Exhaust tailpipe - geometric oval chrome-plated
Instrument cluster with silver backplate
Leather-trimmed gearshift with aluminium cap
Leather-trimmed sports steering wheel and handbrake lever
Radiator grille louvres in matt silver with perforated design
Sports suspension (lowers vehicle by 10mm)
Sports pedals with stainless steel inserts and rubber studs

Also ive got plans for a few AMG and Brabus Bits over time

well i think thats most of the spec, im struggle her now lol, probably some ive forgot.




p.s. if your name is dave or you think like dave, and you are going to post a comment about it being a crappy non fiat car then please leave my thread =)

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