Bravo (Classic) Saved from destruction...


Yep, the madman bought another Bravo. This is number 7 :) this one cost less than a cheap DVD player :D

It has it's defects, but it has 69k miles. It's very straight and very clean. much less defects than our normal runabouts :eek:

This is a possible replacement for the Seicento, as it needs a good bit of work to put it right for the test. Only one can hope it won't take too much to sort :) if it's rusty and rotten underneath, I'll strip it and use this thread on how to strip one to the bare shell! :D

But enough yap :p Not many pictures for now (as it was raining all day :cry:) but here's a taster of one of it's party pieces ;)

We had a bit of trouble jacking it up

You can see the problem...

Not the way it's sitting...

But because of these :worship::worship::worship:

It out-handles my van, it's like a go-kart in the corners :worship: Cleaned a bit and WD40'd :cool: They ain't staying on this car I can guarantee that :devil:

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