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Yes i previously had a mm thread but hadn't really done anything to the gp well that and i made an arse of myself.

So now would seem a good time to start a members motors thread as ive finally completed some more mods and am in the process of others.

Completed mods:

Purple foot well leds (just need to finish wiring in)

Purple interior light

Black drum brakes

Auxillary input for standard head unit

Blue lidl headlights

Punto brakelight cover

Rubber mats

Rubber boot liner

Halfords car maintenance kit thing (lock deicer, hi vis vest, anti freeze, rubber gloves etc)

First aid kit

Lidl wheel brace

Lidl mini compressor

Mods to fit/complete:

Purple calipers

Fiatforum decals


Custom reg plates

Planned mods (subject to change due to current lack of a job):

Blue sidelights

I.C.E setup (yet to be decided)

Merkur or Zunsport grill (painted black)

16 or 17" OZ Michelangelo 8 alloys (size dependant on weight) to be painted with purple chrme rim and gloss black spokes at a later date

Eibach sportlines

Possibly capello/linea kit

Black angel eye headlights

Black led taillights

Full stainless exhaust

Purple dash strip

Purple Abarth style side stripes

Cobra Daytona seats to replace front seats

Full interior refit in black leather with purple stitching and piping

Possibly some Vimto decals

Possibly a remap

Back 3 windows tinted limo black and max legal tint on front 3

Anyhow my gp:






Brakelight cover (to be replaced as fitted in a hurry)



Purple interior light (looks better at night is more like a blacklight)


Auxillary input lead


Auxillary input lead


Original headlining (has now been repaired under warranty along with the glovebox which didnt shut properly)


Interior as standard

well thats my gp so any advice, ideas, opinions and comments much appreciated.

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