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Right not sure how to start this but here goes.

i have a 1.2 active grande punto in crossover black.

current mods completed but not yet in pics ipod input and punto brake light cover.

eres a list of the things im definitely doing:


  • Zunsport or mesh grill in gloss black
  • purple calipers and drums (paint on the way)
  • 16" black and polished mak volares with locking wheel bolts and purple anti-theft valve caps
  • 70% tint for 3 rear windows
  • black and purple new style fiat badges (if i can find out where to get some)
  • punto brakelight cover (done)
  • make seats all black or make centers purple (most probably with seat covers)
  • hopefully do door cards to match seats
  • purple interior light (got wrong size so on the way)
  • purple footwell leds (need to fit)
  • purple led boot light (on the way)
  • ipod input for factory head unit (done)
and heres a list of the things im thinking of doing:

  • purple side repeaters but only if i can get black and purple badges
  • black antitheft beesting aerial
  • purple painted sump (iknow no-one will see it)
  • abarth or black angel eye headlights
  • black led or other black rear lights
  • spray grey strip on dash purple
improvement of engine /engine sound
  • purple gsr
  • purple hoses
  • purple plastic cover thing for engine
ive also included a pic of the type of badges im looking for and the wheels im hoping to get.

apparently the badges is a bad idea so i need some more ideas

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