Panda (Classic) Panda 4x4 a.k.a. Chichi


Well it has been a battle, but i think i can safely say that the car is allmost finished. I think this car is probably allways going to have rust to work on, :eek: but maybe smaller bits at a time now lol :D

I have removed the bottom stripe that was burgendy recently and attacked a little more rust since the accident. The stripe had to go though as it was too damaged by underlying rust. Not pleased with removing some of its orriginality but i'm sure i can get a new stripe made up to the correct colour sometime. Looks ok with just the one i think anyway. What does da masses say?

I think ive added the extra spot lights since i last posted in this section aswell.

There is one last opinion i would like to ask aswell. With all this work ive put into this car and its growing rareness. I was wondering what people might think its value may be as it is? Or generally what people would pay for it if it was for sale. I'm not happy with the insurers undervaluing it so much, and wouldnt mind to have a figure to mention maybe. Anyway thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing what ya'll think of her!


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