Panda 2012+ Noop

Noop Noopandatonio or New Pandatonio to those from outside Norfolk. 319 4x4 Waze Cross. All you need to know is its a Panda.


Ten Charcters! Noop is KING. He actually can do 63mpg on a run with a little HGV slip streaming unlike his forbear who definitely couldnt. He can also manage 102mph and has towed 1300kgs in a dire emergency. A breeze as long as speed was kept to just under 50. Noop lives in the countryside and will never get stuck. He is ACE apart from the lack of power he suffers thanks to Fiats cheating on the engine spec. An internet error /glytch my a*** Its a good thing this car is so good I want to keep it or I might just have set it on fire on the Chiswick flyover in the rush hour to give the cheating ***s the publicity they so richly deserve at cheaty Fiat UK and dozy Fiat Italy. Oh well they do have a dieselgate claim as a direct result of their dishonesty and I sincerely hope they get skinned. Otherwise I wouldnt have bothered as my last diesel was incredible and is the only car that I made a huge profit on when sold pn after 100,000 miles I reckon it left me overall around a total of £5000 in pocket. Do I care about the cash from diesel gate? NO. It will go to an environmental charity.
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