Punto (Mk2/2b) My Punto HGT


Had my car 3 weeks now and have asked a few questions in punto section so thought id better post some pics up.

nothing special at the mo just another standard HGT..

Was a bit worried when i bought it as i thought it would be exactly the same as my bravo hlx as its preety much the same engine.. How wrong was I :D much more fun to drive and feels alot quicker too. with it being lighter and the extra 15 horses it does seem to make a big difference.

Washed it yesterday morning and then spent all afternoon going over it with something called .. "Meguirs Quik Clay".. my g/f uses it on her megane coupe.. It takes off all the gritty / tary dirt that washing just doesnt remove.. takes a long time but it really works.. the paintwork feels really smooth now.

Going to have to keep it looking like it is for a year as im with direct line and cant have any mods :cry:.. will give me time to sort out the normal problems and spend some money on gettin a new stereo sorted.

anyway.. thoughts, opinions, suggestions welcome!

Cheers, Adam



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