Punto (Mk2/2b) My no named MK2B!


My Official members motor thread of my MK2B with no name. (shocking I know)

I bought my little 1.2 from a car sales in Harrow, it came standard with fox alloy wheels, a hole in the door around the lock, and a couple flat tyres and flat battery, bad first impressions and impatient, I just wanted my first car!

I was determined to make my first car look the part, I've always enjoyed cars and it's very exciting to have your own to mod. :cool:

Unfortunately there are many people who will like to say things like 'why would you do that to a 1.2?' 'why a fiat?'. Well my advice is don't listen to these types of people, although they actually gave me some determination to prove that a Fiat Punto is a great little car.

So.. here is mine!


Colour changing angel sidelights, with the visor sprayed black.
Alloys sprayed black, awaiting upon arrival of my new ones.
Removed bump strips on the sides.
Debadged grill.


Leather red stitched seats from an Alfa Romeo.
Blue led footwell lights, minus the floor mats now.
Sprayed interior plastics white, thinking of spraying black.


Double Din kenwood headunit with suede fascia.
JL Audio C3 650 component speakers front and rear.
JL Audio Twin 12' bass wedge with JBL amplifier.


Engine completely standard for the time being.

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