My new toy is a........


...1988 mk1 mr-2! :cool: recently bought it off a bloke i know for £200 and thought even if its a wreck once i get it to bits its worth a punt as i could make most of that back scrapping or breaking it. So here it is as i bought it





all the front end is bolt on/off panels so fairly easy too work on for a newb like me. my plans are for a full chassis rebuild for now as the engine is a minter have stripped off the front end and sideskirts and tbh its not looking too bad at all theres alot more stripping to be done but so far it looks like the biggest job is going to be re-welding the rear quarters and arches as it looks like someone has done a filler job now ive got all the crap off new sills are also needed and the rest does need a bit of attention in the odd place but looks like i have a good base to start from.
For the time being it will be going back to standard bar a respray in white or a gunmetal type im thinking at the moment and in the future the mk2 2L turbo lump looks like an option but that will be a while away.



will upload more pics when i have time to take them off my phone as its a pain in the ass and update regular if people are intrested not that i expect too much enthusiasm on a fiat website :rolleyes:

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