Bravo My new 2009 Bravo 2.0 Multijet Sport!


Hi everyone,
Well I've finally got my hands on the 2.0 Bravo Sport!
Purchased in Leeds
2009 -09 plate
35600 miles

So....first of all, I think it looks stunning. I turn around every time I park it in a car park, it just looks incredible. I've had a lot of comments from people saying it 'looks awesome'.
The engine is also great. Put your foot down and wow it goes.
Tell you what, it gives BMW's/Audi's etc a run for their money.
I love driving past 1.2 corsa's with huge exhausts :D

Love the rims aswell. Mine came with the red calipers.

So what do I think of it after 3 weeks of ownership.
Well..... I think it handles pretty well! There isn't much feeling in the steering, but that doesn't bother me at all. I drove it for a week solid with a very heavy right foot to see what kind of MPG I would get. I got about 36MPG.
My normal driving I get about 42MPG. That's with 30mph and 70mph driving to and from work only about 8 miles. And often I will put my foot down for a few seconds to get to the speed, just to make me smile.
Driving carefully, I think 47MPG would be achievable easily.

On the motorway it is very quiet and it cruises along with ease (at about 1950 rpm)
Speakers aren't too bad either, but they do distort very easily.

Any problems?
Yes....on cold startup it blows out blue smoke :( (any ideas anyone?)
I also think it blows out a bit of smoke under hard acceleration, but I'm not sure...
Also, the storage bit near the rear seats fan creaks a lot. Is there anything I can do to it? It's really annoying me....

Also, I can't get the stereo out as one of the clips has bent out so it's stuck. Anyone know how to get it out now, I've purchased a new double din for it...subwoofer to go in, in the future!

Please comment and tell me if you like it :) Also if anyone has any advice regarding the problems I have please help. I know you people are the best to speak to :slayer:
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