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Grande Punto My GP Sporting 1.4 16v


So got this back in February just been busy with uni.
Got a list of stuff to do to it just insurance cost dependent right enough.
Coilover Kit to lower it. Probably just JOM kit off ebay ebiach ones seem a bit steep
Front bumper splitter
GSR induction kit. From what i have read its the best you can get fr a GP.
Remap. This is the last thing i will be doing as its not a cheap one
Parcel shelf speakers. Suggestions of where to get this done would be ideal....I stay in scotland so if anyone knows that would be great.

I have already added a custom built cat back exhaust which sound great and had my windows and lights tinted curtsy of Simons Custom exhausts and Scottint. Dont have pictures of them just yet will hopefully get some up soon.

Don't know whether to get white alloys and the white GP vinyl stickers. Or if mudflaps would be a good idea either.

All suggestions are welcome.

Any how thats my wee baby atm
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