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Hi guys and girls, although the title says this is my 1st car its actually my second as my sister wrote off my first one when on a lesson with my dad :/.

Its a Y reg (2001) mk2 mia 1.2 8v with 30k on the clock and i got it for 900 with the money we received from insurance and scrappers. Already had a few gripes with it, such as the man who sold it to me saying he didnt know the radio code but it turned out once i found and entered the code, the reason my stereo was quiet is because there were NO SPEAKERS in the doors :bang:

Apart from that and a cracked rear bumper the rest of the car is sound, just had it serviced by a friend of my dads and he says all is well mechanically.

As im 18 and taking my test in 4 weeks all the money i have will inevitably be spent on insurance (n) but with a full time job sorted for my gap year i will have the funds available to spice things up a bit!

So what this post is for is general advice on what to do with it, my list goes like this but feel free to add ideas:

Replace rear bumper
Debadge - if i have the stones (red paint + fading (n) )
Improved stereo (no sub as i need the boot space for work)
Tints - windows and/or lights?

Apologies for length :/



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