Grande Punto Martin's T-Jet


Hey guys, thought i'd finally post a picture of my car.
As the title states it's a 2008 T-jet and i've had it about 5 months now.
Its just hit 40,000 and so will be getting a service at the end of this month, I think it will be a relatively minor service as the ,major one was done at 34,000.
Had the usual issues since owning it:
Glovebox handle - replaced under warranty.
Knocking suspension - drop links replaced under warranty ( didn't fix )
Terribly noisy brakes - EBC pads and discs all round.
Both front seat belt stalks replaced as cover fell off, replaced under warranty.
Boot light not working - new boot catch and sensor replaced under warranty.

Already tinted the rear 3 (medium tint)
Fitted Eibach Sportlines (sorted out my knocking noise) that was a bugger for someone like me with no mechanical experience.
Get the wheels aligned at the end of the month once springs settled.
Defo want to get a Forge induction kit - just for the whoosh!
Going to purchase a standard Grande punto black grill for the symmetry (why would they fit 2 different grills?)
May get the front vinyled - not sure?
Would love to get the alloys powder coated Black (cheapest quote over £300 so far)
Sort out the stone chip a go go on my bonnet.

Any way, said my piece I'll upload more pics when I get the chance.
Cheers, Martin.

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