500 Luvzy


Hi, Im Michaela and this is my Fiat 500 Luvzy :)

Have had her for about 6 months now and I think shes a fab little car as well as my best friend haha.

Shes a 1.2 lounge in Electroclash grey which I have modded with little bits of pink; it started with vinyl stripes down the side and vinyl wrap on my mirrors, and has now gone to adding an audio installation in the boot, and I think wheels will be next!

Also I have a little 1:18 model of a Fiat 500 that I have built, painted and copied my modifications onto, and she travels along with me - I call her little Luvzy :p

Anyone who went to Modified Nationals this past weekend may have seen me, as I love the car modified scene.

Be interested to know what you think of her (y)

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