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Hi guys,
based on my frustrations about the weather and having the flu, I decided to open a thread about my B.

I bought the car mid 2016 as a souvenier on a family vacation (Found it on the streets of Copenhagen and couldn't leave it be). It is a replacement for my motorcycles while the kids are to small to participate in that hobby :)

The B is a 2002 model and has done about 78000km. It's in a good condition but with some wear on the body and trim. As the general condition is sound and original I will use the time keeping it that way, while focussing on improving some of the smaller details. :)

Things done by now:
Hood gas struts - Great article on the forum btw.
Exhaust system - Mid box had tear and needed replacement
Airbag warning lamp - Loose connection below both seats

Things to come:
Hood frame covers - Replacement bought, not yet fitted
Rear fog light replacement - Replacement bought, not yet fitted
Passenger side door buttom cover - Replacement bought, not yet fitted
Right side rear light - Replacement bought, not yet fitted

To finish up this first post I have included a pic of some of the parts I just received from ebay, really great quality and almost no wear on the parts! :D


Anyway, I'll try to update this thread with progress and pictures as I get rid of the flu and starts the work on the car :)

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