Grande Punto Jay's Grande Punto Stripes


Hi everyone this is how my car is coming along it was stock from showroom with nothing apart from stripes. This is what I have done in 4 years:

Engine & Exterior:
FK Coilovers 100m lowered all round
Powerflow axle back exhaust with quad exit
Stock Fiat 17" Rims
GSR Induction
Volo Performance Chip
DriveTorque Stage 1 Fast Road Clutch Kit
EBC Green Stuff Pads
Brembo Disks
DRL headlamps with HID projector
HID Fog lights with CCFL Halo Ring
Shark Fin GPS & FM antenna
Grill Mount 720p race cam with 16GB recorder
White grill and vinyl
Cupra R splitter
Tinted Repeaters
Tinted Rear Lights
Parking Sensor Kit
Pressed Plates
LED Number Plate Ligths

Hi-Fonics HD Component speakers with Tweeters
Led Interior lights & Foot well lights

Forge Strut Brace
Retro code rear reverse lights
Window Tints
Colour Code door handle

Any comments and sugestions welcomed
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