I know it's not a Fiat but I think you'll like it


We got this alfa 166 3.2v6 24v lusso 6 speed a while back through salvage.. (been through a large puddle, sucked in water and broke a con rod)
55 plate. 26000 Miles. Basically the GTA engine but i think its 240bhp and the GTA is 250.

Anyway after a lot of hard work taking the engine out and repairing it etc it's now back on the road...dad took me out in it before and buggar me its awesome!

Goes like stink and looks gorgeous!

Thats basically the gist of it...just thought you lot might like to have a gander :)

Theres the odd pic of our old Gt Junior and 156 2.5 v6 on there too :)

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