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Sorry about this but there is no 131 section in the classified.
If you have been following my Fiat Uno thread you will have seen I just purchased a FIAT UNO that has been stood outside a closed down fiat garage for the last 9 years, well one thing led to another as I suspected it would and the owner of the closed down Fiat garage rang me the other day and asked if I would like to purchase his cherished Fiat 131 supermirafori, he did not go into detail but he has decided to sell due to a change in circumstances and he would like this car to go to a serious collector like me but unfortunately I dont have inside space to keep another car.
The car in question is a super rare, according to how many left one of only 3,
FIAT Supermirafori 131 in blue registration GYD413Y ,ziebarted from new, and you can check all the details on the MOT History website,its currently kept inside the garage and the owner is in a wheel chair but could not at the time take me to see the car so I have taken some photos for photograph he has .
Please dont ask me questions as I am only trying the help the guy out and find someone who will love this car as much as he has done.

If you are interested the guy is called Robert, he ran a fiat dealership for as long as I can remember so he knows fiat cars inside out, his mobile number is 0789 1437994
and his home telephone number is 01298 77984.
He is in a wheelchair so please be very patient when ringing as it may take him some time to get to the phone, hes very friendly and can talk about fiats all day ! If you dont get an answer straight away please ring again later.

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