cleaned my dad's car


Okay so got home from work and looked out my window to the mess of a car that sat on our drive, with dirt all over. Now i havent got any pics to show you before and after cause i only thought of doing this right at the end of the clean.
Anyway i set to work with a bucket of turtlewax shampoo and a pressure washer to wash off the surface dirt, then a sponge (i know not the best but all we have got at the house at this moment) with just a soft flow of water to where i was wiping away. after that i washed the car down with clean water and left to dry off.
Once the car had dried i got the autoglym super resin polish out and panel by panel applied and buffed off by hand and to finish it off applied autoglym fast glass to all glass and plastic surfaces to give a all round clean finish.

so here are the pictures, sorry there only rubbish phone ones but enjoy!:







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