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Error code - P069749. Sensor supply 3 - internal electronic failure

Help please - I'm a new member (hello all) with a 2013 2.3 fiat ducato motorhome. It has gone into limp mode. So far we (my mechanic) have tried changing the throttle body and pedal, the egr valve, ecu, and have cleaned out the inlet manifold egr pipes and cooler.
Can anyone point me in the right direction...
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Re: Error code - P069749. Sensor supply 3 - internal electronic failure

From what I can find P0697-49 refers to an electrical error (open or short circuit, or incorrect voltage) in the monitoring circuit of the sensor group that includes the items you have listed.

It could be caused by a wiring fault in the looms connecting the various devices, as well as the items themselves. The Ducato wiring and connectors are known to suffer from water ingress damage, particularly in underbonnet areas where they are subject to road spray or the infamous water leak past the scuttle panel into the engine bay.

The first thing I would check is the engine earth. If you have a decent set of high capacity jump leads, try connecting one lead between a suitable point on the engine and the chassis earthing point in the engine bay. If that solves the problem, replace the braided engine/gearbox earth lead. In fact, if you haven't replaced that, it is probably a good idea anyway. It can still look outwardly fine, although having built up a high resistance from corrosion in the braiding resulting in spurious error codes.

According to a post I found on a Polish forum, the DPF sensor and wiring is also included in the same monitoring circuit. In that case, the same DTC was resolved by replacing the DPF pressure sensor. It was found to be full of water and shorting out - another problem I have seen reported on several occasions.

Other than that, it may be down to methodically checking all the relevant wiring connectors for signs of corrosion or water ingress, including those in and under the engine fuse box and at the ECU. Moisture has been known to get inside the cable sheathing also, either at the connectors or where wiring has abraded against adjacent components. The wiring beneath the fuse box is notorious for this and sometimes referred to as rusty junction!
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