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Rear light cluster - problem - solved

Recently, I noticed my left indicator flashing really fast - OK, a dud bulb, no problem.
When I got to work, I reversed up to the office windows as per usual & noticed I had NO lights at all on the NS rear cluster
Luckily, the sun shone into the evening, long enough to trace the fault to a crappy plug.
inside the plug, one of the small female connectors must've been shorting for a while as there was black charring inside.
Had to damage the plug somewhat to get the female connector out so I could work on it.
It was the black - earth - lead, hence why nothing worked!
But these connectors are the strangest things, they seem to rely on really thin metal coiled up so it presses on the male.
I can't understand why it had even done this, since I have only unplugged it twice in all the years I've had the car.

So, if ever you have a problem with the rear lights - might be worth checking these connectors - only takes a second & you have to remove the cluster to change a bulb anyway.
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Re: Rear light cluster - problem - solved

ive got the same problem but my male connector on the earth is black as the female bit is a wide gap compared to the rest

can you buy these connectors ?

if not thing im going to cut off and replace with spade connectors
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